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PlotFilmYear Released
Four Jamaicans become Olympic Bobsledders1993
A mother and daughter switch bodies, on a Friday2003
An estate agent and his family try to sell a haunted house but are consequently kidnapped by the ghosts living inside of it2003
A girl befriends a tramp and lets him live in her garden shed without her parents knowing2012
This film tells the love stories of many different people in the weeks leading up to Christmas2003
A 30-something year-old starts writing a diary and includes information about Daniel Cleaver and Mr. Darcy2004
A woman gets married with the strangest bridesmaids and most dire consequences2011
Two men switch bodies after peeing in a fountain and find each other's lives aren't as good as they thought2011
PlotFilmYear Released
Two men end up doing community service and have to work at Sturdy Wings with two...unusual...children2008
Will, Simon, Jay and Neil hit Malia2011
A teddy bear comes to life and ends up with the strangest personality and ruins his owner's life2012
An old miser of a man becomes a great Christmas cheer after being haunted by 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve1951
A boy's next-door neighbour ends up being a porn star2007
A fourteen-year-old-girl, seeks Sex God Robbie. The film of Georgia Nicholson2008
Hi, we're the Bardon Bellas. Feel free to have a sexual relationship with anybody except the Treblemakers.2012

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