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King of the Gods; God of the Sky
Daughter of Zeus; Percy Jackson Series
Son of Zeus; Twelve Labors
God of the Sea
Son of Poseidon; Percy Jackson Series
Cyclops Son of Poseidon; Percy Jackson Series
God of the Underworld
Son of Hades; Percy Jackson Series
Daughter of Hades; Percy Jackson
Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy in War
Daughter of Athena; Percy Jackson Series
Son of Athena; Great Inventor
God of War
Daughter of Ares; Percy Jackson Series
God of Messengers, Thieves
Son of Hermes; Percy Jackson Series
Goddess of Love
God of Terror
God of Fear
King of Titans; Titan of Time
Titan of Stars and Constellations
Titan of the Sea
Titan of Mortality; 'The Piercer'
Titan of the Sun
Queen of Titans; Titaness of Motherhood
Titaness of Divine Order, Law
Titaness of Prophecy
Titaness of Memory
Titaness of Fresh Water
Titan of Forethought
Titan of Afterthought
Goddess of Agriculture
Goddess of Spring
Daughter of Aphrodite; Heroes of Olympus Series
Queen of the Gods; Goddess of Marriage
God of the Sun, Prophecy, Music, Healing
Goddess of the Moon, Hunt
God of Wine
Personification of the Earth
Personification of the Void
Personification of the Sky
God of Love
Personification of Night
Personification of Day
Killed by Theseus; Lives in the Labyrinth
Part Goat, Lion, Snake; Killed by Bellerophon
Many Headed Monster, Regrows Two Heads When ONe
God of Fire, Forge
Son of Hephaestus; Heroes of Olympus Series
Goddess of the Hearth
Titan of Astronomy, Navigation
Titan of Intellect, Knowledge
Personification of the Sun
Titaness of Dawn
Personification of the Moon
Satyr; Percy Jackson Series
Satyr; Heroes of Olympus Series
Lion With an Invincible Hide
Mother of All Monsters
Father of All Monsters
Navigated the Labyrinth
Killed Medusa....the First Time
Wind Nymph; Wife of Coach Hedge

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