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Who will Trojniak never be better at life than?
What instrument does Trojniak play, as of 2009?
As of 5/21/10, what is Trojniak's grade in yearbook?
Why does Trojniak think he's a god?
What class did Trojniak get kicked out of freshman year?
If Trojniak passes a hot girl on a run, what song does he sing?
How many kneepads does Trojniak need?
What's Trojniak's favorite wrestling move?
What is Trojniak's favorite movie?
What is Trojniak's favorite food?
Who does Trojniak text the most?
How many times has Trojniak read the Harry Potter series?
What adjective does Trojniak most frequently use to describe a girl?
What is Trojniak's favorite TV show?
How many kneepads does a wrestler need?

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