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Where does Malory say Archer's codename came from?
How did Duchess die?
What is one thing that Rona tells Lana she HAS to do?
What is Archer's fourth biggest fear?
Which character has the voice of Kronk?
What does Malory call Lana's clothes?
What does Malory say Lana's loins are doing to convince Cyril to become a field agent?
How many years does Archer first say he went to boarding school?
When Len Trexler gets his brain chip put in, where does he ask Barry to take him and 'Rabbert'?
How does Lana knock out Barry after she pretends to shoot Archer in the ODIN headquarters?
Where is Anka's mother?
What is one camp Anka is sent to in the summer?
How much blood does Barry take from Archer for the paternity test?
How does Lana hurt her hands in the Pipeline episode?
How much does Archer owe the 'ladyboy' hookers?
When Archer is being x-rayed to check for breast cancer, what is blocking the tumor from view?
What did Malory want the office to be when Cheryl and Pam renovated it?
In the Pipeline episode, what drink does Archer ask the flight attendant to bring him?
What does Archer call the medicine he takes when Sato leads him into a tiger trap?
What does the ice at ISIS HQ have a 'hint of' according to Malory?
Why does Ray say his car is slowing down when they (he, Lana, and Archer) are chasing Benoit in the Grand Prix?
What are Sato's wife's and daughter's names?
What does Krieger give Pam, Cheryl, and Ray to help them pass a drug test?
What does Cyril say his name is when he is captured by Calzado?
What does the Canadian terrorist keep shouting while ISIS is arresting him and taking him onto the train?
What is Lana doing while Conway and Archer are fighting in Archer's 'revenge rampage'?
What country does Archer incorrectly think was an Axis power during WWII?
What does Lana not want Ray to do when everyone is stuck in the elevator?
What does Lana's mom ask Archer for in the hot tub?
What is Pam's nickname among truckers?

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