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Can you name the 80's Hardcore bands?

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Named after a roach spray
Creators of 'Straight Edge'
**** Armageddon This is Hell
First Horror Punk band
First slowcore band
Lead singer is Jello Biafra
Coined 'Hardcore 81'
Same innitials as the previous band
Played their last show with Mission to Burma
Named after the previous band, still playing today
Band of the origional singer of Black Flag
Ian Mckaye's first band
Another name for teenagers
Not quite atheist front
Released 'Age of Quarrel'
Lead singer was 'shot six times by a killer cops gun'
Boston Straight Edge
Players of the song 'Code Blue'
Headed by Dave Dictor
The law that if something bad can happen, it will
Less than 10 seconds
American version of Hitlers Youth
A military unit of non-sinners
CT Hardcore band whose lead singer subbed in Flipper
Not 100% Certain
Inventors of D-Beat
Short and bearded; wield warhammers.

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