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The soul
The creator deity
Visual contact with the deity
A cylindrical stone, 'penis shaped'representing the unmanisfest aspect of Shiva
An enlightened spiritual teacher
Four ends of life
Leader of yoga
The path of mental concentration
Portion of a Hindu epic where Krishna specifies ways of spiritual progress
The language of classic Hundu scriptures
Teachings from spiritual masters representing mystical insights
Present in creation
Union with transcendent being
The idea that the Vedas were written by people invading India rather than the native people
Four stages of life
The Hindu epic about Prince Rama
Hindu ritual worship
The eternal religion
Obstaining from pleasures or necessities for religious gain
A devotee of Vishnu
An avatar of Vishnu
Liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth
The first 25 years of life where spiritual knowledge is developed
Social class distinction on the basis of heredity or occupation
A long Hindu poem showing all sides of human nature.
The continual cycle of birth, death, and rebirth
The Supreme itself, incarnating again and again to save the world
Government policy of not favoring any one religion
The path of right action
Love and sensual pleasure, aesthetic expression
The Absolute, all gods are ome
Another word for the untouchables in the Caste system
Withdraws totally from society and becomes a sannyasin
Carrying out one's responsibilities and duties
Moral order or the universe, sometimes translated as religion
Intense devotion to a deity
The path of rational inquiry
The goddess and her great powers
The Supreme as lord of yogis, absolute consciousness, creator, preserver, and destroyer of the world
A deity in the form of a human
Priests, kings, ________, laborers, untouchables
A Hindu man is expected to marry, raise a family, and contribute to society in this stage of life
The path to devotion, the most common form of yoga today
Adhering to the established tradition of a religion
The believers of Sakti
Priests, kings, farmers and merchants, ________
In the caste system, another term for the Priestly caste
Ancient scriptures written in 1500 BCE
Existing outside the material universe
A Hindu worshipper of the divine as Shiva
When a Hindu detaches himself from the world and turns to meditation and scripture study
Priests, _______, farmers, laborers, untouchables

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