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The principal that there is no eternal self
Teachings and laws for conduct given by the Buddha
There is dukkha
Old man, sick man, corpse, and ascetic
The Greater Vehicle
Those who vow to work for the liberation of other beings
Dukkha exists because of craving
Means 'enlightened one'
Focuses on overcoming the rational mind through meditation
The community of the Buddha's followers
The circle of birth, death, and rebirth
The Buddha, dhamma, and sangha
The lesser vehicle
The cravings will stop when one follows the Eightfold path
The right of understanding, thought or motivation, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and meditation
Discomfort, frustration, disharmony, unsatisfactoriness
The Buddha of our time
Between asceticism and luxury
Believed by Tibetan Buddhists to be an incarnated leader
Our actions and their effects on this life and lives to come
Language used for Buddhist scriptures
Dukkha will stop when cravings stop
Three collections of sacred writings, rules of monastic discipline, Dharma teachings, and scholastic treatises
Collection of authorative writings also known as Tipitakas
The discourses of the teacher, in yoga these are terse sayings
Giving up pleasure and necessities for religious gain
Original orgin
Does not necessarily believe in a god

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