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Streptokinase is an example of what kind of drug, which is given immediately after an MI?
Which form of anaemia can be treated with colony-stimulating factors?
What simple gas prevents adhesion AND aggregation by increasing platelet cGMP?
Statins inhibit which enzyme?
A condition in which the O2-carrying capacity of blood is increased?
What do class 3 antiarrhythmics increase?
Treat haemophilia A with which Factor?
The condition with greater than 5g deoxyhaemoglobin per 100ml arterial blood?
In which two organs does haematopoiesis occur in a foetus or neonate?
Partial asphyxia, decrease in venous return, and increase in peripheral resistance cause what to happen?
Hypertension can cause what in the eye?
Thiazides are contraindicated by which disease?
The name of the effect where CO2 binds better to deoxygenated haemoglobin?
Closure of ductus arteriosus involves constriction, closure and...?
What percentage of bloodflow goes to the kidneys?
Avoid ACEIs when the patient have what kind of disease?
The secondary cause of polycythaemia is increased levels of...?
Which molecule is present in RBCs at the same molar conc as Hb?
Which part of the brain allows you to hold breath underwater?
What type of drug reverses respiratory depression caused by opioids or benzodiazepines?
DRG innervates the external intercostal muscles and the...?
Fluid collects in the pericardium in which condition?
As well as b-blockers, what kind of drug is contraindicated in asthma?
Average distributive dead space?
Which system degrades RBCs?
Xanthines inhibit which molecule?
Salbutamol increases the conc of which molecules?
What do class 1 antiarrhytmics block?
Cardiac muscle consists of individual cardiomyocytes connected by...?
What kind of antimetabolite drug inhibits lymphocyte production?
The drug of last resort for asthma? (A MAB against free IgE).
Which drug is used to treat SVTs by increasing vagal tone?
Name an aldosterone receptor antagonist.
Normal range of female haemoglobin (g/dl)

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