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Can you name the Electoral College Oddities?

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How many votes were cast for vice president in 1789?
How was the V.P. determined in the first three elections under the constiution?
Was there ever a tie in the electoral college?
Between whom
Which amendment provided for the electors to designate President and Vice President??
'Candidate Blue' wins a state with 60% of the popular vote. By federal law how many of the States' 50 electoral votes does s/he receive?
The U.S. Population votes for a slate of electors pledged to certain candidates. What is an elector called who breaks this pledge?
The most recent example of #7, in 2004 one vote was cast for whom as president
Traditionally Candidate Blue would receive how many of State A's 50 electoral votes?
A candidate currently needs how many electoral votes to become president? use digits
Who decides the election If no candidate reaches a majority in the electoral college?
Has this ever hapened?
When this happened who had the most electoral votes?
In the previous questions, whom did the House of Representatives select as President when there was no majority in the electoral college?
How many times has the winner of the popular vote not won the electoral college vote?
Can you name a person who would have become president by Popular Vote?

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