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LyricWhat word's missing?Song Title
Turn out the _____...(Knives and Pens)
Crack bones with blind _________...(Perfect Weapon)
You're not _____...(Carolyn)
Take your hand in mine, it's ____ tonight...(Rebel Love Song)
Here's your ______, watch her morals bend...(All Your Hate)
On _______ wings, cross through the streets...(The Legacy)
Your _______ touch is going nowhere...(Die For You)
You pray for _______ baby...(Love Isn't Always Fair)
Grab your _______ now, we'll run against the crowd...(New Religion)
Thoughts of ______ and bloodshot eyes...(Ritual)
I never meant to be the one who, who kept you from the ____...(Saviour)
LyricWhat word's missing?Song Title
Sink your teeth into _______...(Children Surrender)
Missing _____ beds, I feel your touch...(The Mortician's Daughter)
We ___, we learn...(All Your Hate)
I won't _____ on, heaven's calling...(Heaven's Calling)
A ______ beacon in the sky...(Never Give In)
No time for ________, one true reigning sound...(Sweet Blasphemy)
You'll learn to ___, just know that I can't save our hearts tonight...(Carolyn)
You left me with these broken ____ and I let you!(God Bless You)
Stronger than before, when your life becomes a ___...(Set the World on Fire)
__________ and lyrics made me...(Youth and Whisky)
Struck to the _____ like lightning...(Fallen Angels)

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