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main actor/actress showdescription
Selena Gomez3 young wizards get into trouble as they train for the wizard competition, to see who will become the family wizard.
Cole and Dylan SprouseTwins live on the 23rd floor of the hotel, the Tipton.
Miley CyrusA normal kid lives a secret double life as a popstar in Malibu.
Jamie SpearsA girl goes to a boarding school (PCA)-she takes a leadership role.
Dylan and Cole SprouseTwins go to the school & Seas High, which is on a cruise ship.
Kyle MasseyA kid moves to the White House when his Dad gets hired a a chef.He does wacky schemes for money
Vincent Martella and Thomas SangsterTwo kids build crazy contraptions over summer vacation.
Devon WerkheiserA kid makes a survival guide to middle school.
Ashley LeggatTwo families blend together, but can't stand to live with eachother.
Demi LovatoA girl lives her dream, starring in her favourite show So Random, but the cast members aren't as great as she thought they would be.

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