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Can you answer the 25 Seinfeld questions celebrating the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld

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What does Kramer discover Joe DiMaggio does with his dougnuts?
Which of the four main characters was not in the original pilot episode?
What movie star did George think previously owned his Chrysler LeBaron?
What was the brand of golf ball Kramer hit into a whales blow hole?
What attorney defended Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer in the series finale?
What infamous political figure double parked and blocked George and Kramer at a liquor store?
What profession did George always want to pretend to be?
What was written on the vanity license plates Kramer received by mistake?
What was the name of the coffee shop that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer frequented?
What movie did Elaine hate so much that it caused her to get fired from the J. Peterman catalog?
What holiday did Frank Costanza create in place of Christmas?
What is showing in the Christmas card photo that Elaine sends to all her friends and family?
What is Kramer's first name?
Who does George get into a fight with over a Trivial Pursuit answer?
What famous ex-New York Met does Jerry befriend?
What movie was Jerry caught making-out during?
What unique clothing item do Jerry and Elaine spot George's father's attorney wearing?
Kramer rescued the set of which talk show from a dumpster?
Kramer and George get involved with a street gang whose namesake is what U.S. president?
If it were socially acceptable George would drape himself in what?
What was Kramer's line in the Woody Allen film he had a bit part in?
Kramer continually gets cast into pretending to have what disease?
What name has George been saving for his child?
What country did Newman still have armies in as a last hope in his and Kramer's game of Risk?
Who turned out to be the infamous scofflaw that a local meter maid had been trying to catch for years?

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