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Can you name the Harry Potter Alphabet?

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A: Eldest Peverell Brother
B: Last Name of a Hufflepuff Girl in Harry's Year
C: Fake creatures that the Lovegoods hunt
D: One of the Elder Wand's aliases
E: First name of Snape's mother
F: One of Molly Weasley's brothers name
G: Where the Potters lived and are burried
H: Name of Percy's owl
I: First name of former Death Eater/Durmstrang Headmaster
J: Last name of the Weasley twins best friend
K: Black Family House Elf
L: Last name of Voldemorts 'most loyal and trusted servant'
M: Secret to Fred & George's Rule Breaking
N: Full Name of Gryffindor Ghost? (First name starts with N)
O: What Snape tries to teach Harry in his 5th year
P: Full name of Hogwarts Healer
Q: Full name of DADA Teacher in Harry's first year
R: Fleur Delacour's Wand Wood
S: First name of the Professor of Arithmancy
T: First name of the son of Nymphadora and Remus
U: They search for these in the Forest in Harry's detention his first year.
V: Last name of the Professor of Arithmancy
W: Buckbeak after his name change
X: First name of the Quibbler editor
Y: Last name of a Death Eater who works in the ministry
Z: Last name of a boy in the Slug Club

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