Word Ladder: Easy As Pie

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Can you name the missing 4-letter words to complete this recipe for a certain kind of pie?

Updated Aug 27, 2012

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Ingredients (Ladder 1)
★ 1 9-____ prepared graham cracker crust ★ 
Scratcher's target 
Set in stone 
Classical composer Johann 
Place to find a rubber duckie 
Flying mammals 
Long-running Broadway show 
With ''lock'', a button on a keyboard 
★ 3 ____ sweetened condensed milk ★ 
Snooker sticks 
Club charges 
Deer, female deer! 
Active person 
Gloomy and forbidding 
★ 1/2 cup ____ cream ★ 
Professional caterer: ____-chef 
Costello and Ferrigno 
Chaney and others 
Bit of dialogue 
★ 3/4 cup key ____ juice ★ 
Speech impediment 
Grocery shopper's aid 
For fear that 
★ 1 tablespoon grated lime ____ ★ 
Directions (Ladder 2)
★ Preheat ____ to 350°F (175°C) ★ 
Recovered from 
At any point 
One who's ''just looking'' 
Hurricane centers 
Alternatives to pumpernickels 
Shad delicacies 
Seating sections 
Front ends of ships 
★ In a medium ____, combine condensed milk... ★ 
Cotton capsule 
In-your-face flavor that's in your face 
Restrain by tying up 
★ ...sour cream, lime juice, and lime ____. ★ 
''Atlas Shrugged'' author Ayn 
Safely bring an airplane to the ground 
Sing the praises of 
Wrinkle one's forehead 
★ Mix well and ____ into graham cracker crust. ★ 
Disdainful grimace 
Cereal company that makes Grape Nuts 
Future's opposite 
Cordage fiber 
Corner of a baseball diamond 
★ ____ in preheated oven for 5 to 8 minutes. ★ 

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