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QUIZ: Can you name the links in this word ladder (read first comment for instructions)?

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Bartender: You've been spending a lot of time in here lately. Is everything all right at home? / Monty: Well, it's too hard to be there since my wife has started using four-letter words. / Bartender: My goodness! What does she say? / Monty: [Rung 01][Rung 06][Rung 10][Rung 14]
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Clue4-Letter Word
Unexpectedly discover01
Of high quality02
Theater information service: Movie____03
Ice cream holder04
Word of invitation05
Unspecified amount06
Clue4-Letter Word
Warning cry in golf08
Eating utensil09
Engage in physical activity10
Slightly tattered11
Unable to decide12
Saturday morning TV show, slangily13
In the near future14

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