Sports Quiz / Word Ladder 13 - Stanley Cup 2011 (Very Difficult!)

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Clue6-Letter Word
With last rung, 2011 Stanley Cup Champion
NFL agent Carl who was suspended in '06 during a contract dispute
One member of Detroit's NBA team
Boxer with nicknames of ''Sonny'' and ''The Big Bear''
What you do to the color commentary of a sporting event
Similar to the schedule of dates represented in a sports program
Endured all nine innings as a baseball pitcher
Like the leg of an athlete with a broken femur
Estimated the value of a Super Bowl ticket
Covered, as with paint on the chests of superfans
Put souvenirs into a packing box before sending to the gift shop
Shredded cheese over a delicious pizza from the concession stand
Brought honor to one's country in the Olympic Games
Followed the path of the slalom skier ahead of you
Copies the drawing of an arrow already on the Telestrator
Expanses of land, much like soccer fields
Distinguishing characteristics of a coach
Practices skills before the big game
Some athletes are described as ''All brawn, no ____''
With first rung, 2011 Stanley Cup Champion

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