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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the questions, as well as what all the answers have in common?

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Game 1
To donate to the charity Locks of Love, what part of your body must be longer than ten inches? 
After visiting Valpak.com, what slips of paper can frugal shoppers print out and redeem at supermarkets? 
What is the first word in the title of the Daniel Keyes short story and novel featuring a mouse named Algernon? 
Popular at weddings and birthday parties, what dessert shares its name with a rock band formed in 1991? 
In the children's song ''The Farmer in the Dell'', what stands alone? 
What is the common bond of the above 5 answers? 
Game 2
In the first episode of the premiere season of the U.S. version of ''The Apprentice'', contestants sold what sweet beverage in the streets of New York? 
Commonly found at fairs and circuses, what spun sugar treat is called ''fairy floss'' in Australia? 
What sunglass-wearing mascot of a battery company endlessly beats a bass drum in its television commercials? 
One variety being porterhouse, what cut of meat is often served grilled and served with potatoes? 
Piglet, Porky Pig and Miss Piggy are all fictional characters resembling what barnyard animal? 
What is the common bond of the above 5 answers? 
Game 3
What American news magazine named ''You'' its ''Person of the Year'' in 2006? 
What beverage can be brewed in a percolator? 
What is the name of the enclosed swimming area where you could find lifeguards and diving boards? 
What mathematical operation is required to calculate the area of a rectangle? 
What particular type of basket was Yogi Bear and his pal Boo-Boo infamous for stealing from Jellystone Park campers? 
What is the common bond of the above 5 answers? 
Game 4
In the collectible card game created by mathematician Richard Garfield, what word precedes ''The Gathering''? 
The Norse god Thor and the Greek god Zeus rule what sound made by lightning? 
In the U.S. National Anthem, what objects are described by their ''red glare''? 
What animals do participants run from in an annual event held in Pamplona, Spain? 
Ella Fitzgerald is described by her biographer as ''The First Lady of'' what musical style? 
What is the common bond of the above 5 answers? 

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