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This state on the West Coast accounts for about two-thirds of the production of celery in the United States.California
Celery is commonly used as a garnish in this cocktail containing 3 parts vodka, 6 parts tomato juice, and 1 part lemon juice.Bloody Mary
To prepare the delicious and nutritious snack ''Ants on a Log'', these (the ants) are placed on a piece of celery (the log) that is spread with peanut butter.raisins
Though the science behind the fun fact is constantly debated, the consumption of celery is said to contain a negative value of this unit of food energy.calorie
Along with the juices of seven other vegetables, celery juice was one of the original ingredients of this beverage made by the Campbell Soup Company. V8 vegetable juice
During a Season 7 episode of ''Friends'', this character, played by Lisa Kudrow, made a list of the different types of celery; she came up with only one: regular celery.Phoebe Buffay
The sodium and potassium found in celery act as a diuretic, stimulating the production of this body fluid. urine
Chop some apples, celery and walnuts, and mix it with mayonnaise to make this salad that was first served at a fancy hotel in New York City in the late 19th century.Waldorf salad
One cup of raw celery contains over 40% of your daily recommended supply of this vitamin, scientifically known as phylloquinone.vitamin K
There are actually many different varieties of celery; the majority of celery sold in North America is this type, which shares its name with this French mathematician. (Blaise) Pascal

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