Alphabet Phrases (A-Z) II

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Can you name the phrases, things or hyphenated words with a letter of the alphabet ANYWHERE in it?

Updated Mar 29, 2012

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Signature tune of the Duke Ellington orchestraA
The script symbols for the Mycenean civilizationB
The common name for L-ascorbic acid which prevents scurveyC
The person in charge of the waiters and seating restaurant patrons D
Eudora and Outlook are programs for receiving and sending thisE
A camera lens aperture settingF
A part of a guitar or an outfit for a striptease dancerG
Hemorrhoid medication brand; Dr. Evil plan H
2004 Will Smith movie based on an Isaac Asimov workI
Rapper and actor who stars on 'NCIS: Los Angeles'J
Breakfast cereal manufactured by Kellogg K
A Showtime TV show that followed a group of lesbians in CaliforniaL
1954 Hitchcock film staring Grace Kelly based on a play of the same nameM
(1,3,2) or (3,8,2,4,2,9) or (2,4,6,8,10,13,19,78,101)N
Pen name of William Sydney Porter O
Rapper and entertainment entrepreneur who is the father of Lil RomeoP
Classic song by Dale Hawkins covered by Credence Clearwater RevivalQ
Its flagship store in Times Square features a Ferris Wheel R
A curve metallic piece used for hanging or connecting thingsS
A draftsman's tool for drawing horizontal linesT
180-degree directional change in a carU
Film where Natalie Portman notably shaved her head V
Questioning system of journalism W
The Simon Cowell talent show franchiseX
In the linear graph f(x) = mx + b, what b isY
Anime television series adapted from the final 26 volumes of the manga series Z

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