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Was Hosea written to Israel or Judah?
What did the Lord tell Hosea to name his daughter?Hosea 1:6
Who was the king of Israel during the time of Hosea's ministry?Hosea 1:1
Which idol are the Israelites making sacrifices to that the Lord detests?Hosea 11:2, 13:1
Hosea was written in what century BC?
Who did Ephraim turn to for help in their sickness instead of God?Hosea 5:13
What did the Lord desire of Israel instead of sacrifice?Hosea 6:6
What kind of a spirit does Hosea say is in the heart of the Israelites?Hosea 4:4
God says he will no longer show love to the house of Israel, yet what does he later compare Israel to?Hosea 1:6, 10
Which two countries are Ephraim turning to for help instead of the Lord?Hosea 5:13, 7:11, 12:1
What did the Lord desire of Israel instead of burnt offerings?Hosea 6:6
What did the Lord tell Hosea to name their second son?Hosea 1:9
When God told Hosea to take for himself an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness, who did he marry?Hosea 1:3
What did the Lord tell Hosea to name his first born son?Hosea 1:4

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