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What is the principle site of water balance and salt regulation?
What supplies the kidney with blood?
Through what does urine exit the kidney?
What muscles regulate urination?
What are the two regions of a mammalian kidney?
About how many nephrons are in a human kidney?
A ball of capillaries surrounded by Bowman's capsule in the nephron and serving as the site of filtration in the vertebrate kidney
What occurs as blood pressure forces fluid from the blood in the glomerulus into the lumen of Bowman's capsule?
What are the three regions of the nephron?
The capillary system that serves the loop if Henle
Countercurrent systems that expend energy to create concentration gradients
What is one of the most important aspects of the kidney?
An important hormone in regulating water balance
Where is ADH produced and stored and released from?
What is a regulatory mechanism that is a specialized tissue?
The enzyme renin converts angiotensinogen to what?
What are the two effects of angiotensin II?
What is RAAS and with what other hormone does it work with?
What opposes the RAAS?
What is largely responsible for the osmotic gradient that concentrates urine?

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