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Everything is composed of ________.
The ______ is the dense core of an atom.
The number of protons is also the ______.
A radioactive isotope produces particles and ______.
An electron's average distance from the nucleus is its ________.
The outermost electrons are _____ electrons.
In a _____ bond, atoms share electrons.
In a _____ bond, atoms share 2 electrons.
A ______ bond shares electrons equally.
A _______ bond does not share elecrons equally.
A ______ is a negatively charged ion.
A ______ is a positively charged ion.
An _____ bond requires an exchange of electrons.
_______ bonds form between hydrogen and another compound.
_____ is when a water particle clings to other water particles.
Water has a high ______, so some animals can walk on it.
_______ is the energy of motion.
A _____ is the dissolving agent of a solution.
A _____ is dissolved into a solution.
_____ substances love water.
A _____ is when large particles are suspended in water.
An ______ increases hydrogen ion concentration.
A ____ reduces hydrogen ion concentration.
The _____ Scale measures acidity.
_____ minimize changes in acidity.
____ are large biological molecules in cells.
_______ is when 2 molecules covalently bond by losing a water molecule.
A _____ reaction is when polymer disassemble into monomers.
____is the covalent bond linking two monosaccharides.
____ is a storage polysaccharide in plants made of glucose monomers.
____ is a hydrocarbon chain connected to a carboxyl group.
____ is an organic molecule with a carboxyl and amino group.
_____ is the enzymatic that speeds up a chemical reaction without being consumed.
____ is when polypeptides fold/coil into specific conformations.
_____ is a monomer with a nitrogen base, pentose, and phosphate group.
Carbon usually bonds _______.
Carbon enters the biospher through _____.
The branch of chemistry that studies carbon is _____.
Carbon's _____ allows similar percentages of elements to make different compounds.
Compounds with similar compositions but different structures are ______.
ATP is the major ______ currency model.
_____ is an element studied by biochemists that makes up life.

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