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Can you name the 5-letter words in this Big 4 sports teams-themed ladder?

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*One of the original twelve NHL teams, yet have never won the Stanley Cup*
Smudges or smears together
Disparaging remarks, often about race
*Texas-based NBA team that has won 3 championships since 2005*
What one often does while training for boxing or martial arts
*NHL team who relocated from Minnesota in 1993; 1999 Stanley Cup champions*
Burns or chars or the name of a prominent American department store
*Rivals of the NFL's Packers; 1985 Super Bowl Champions*
Units of time in music
Accessories awarded in boxing or professional wrestling
Instruments that are rung to signal dinner; found in many clock towers
*6-time NBA champions - all in the 1990s*
*NFL team who, along with the Vikings, has lost the most Super Bowls without winning one*
Buildings used to grind grain; cereal company 'General _____'
Large shopping centers that hold a number of shops or restaurants
Humans with both X and Y chromosomes
Adult female horses
Last name of home run hitter Roger _____ who played for the Yankees in the 1960s
The three wise men who visited the newborn Jesus
*NBA expansion team in 1988; lost to the Lakers in 2009 finals*

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