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3 wrestler to hold 'Million Dollar Belt'
Last to hold European Title
Beat Booker T for US title in WWE
Who did Vince beat for his WWE title?
Beat Chyna for their 1st IC title reign
Who did Razor Ramon beat for his 1st IC title?
Managed most tag team champions
Stone Colds 1st tag team title partner
Ended Mysterions only World title reign
Last Lightheavy weight champion
Quickest match to win WWE title
Ended the Rocks final WWE title reign
Last ever Hardcore Champion
Only former WCW world champ to hold Euro title
Kenzo Suzukis tag title partner
Ended Ortons only IC title reign
Heenan family members to gold IC title
Rhynos only title while in WWE
Beat Cena in his final US title reign
Ended Hogans final WWE title reign

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