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What type of matches did George tell Susan were being exported?
Who was Jerry afraid of while in Kramers apt?
Who said 'The rooster has sex with all of them'?
What was kramer feeding to rusty?
Where did Kramer return to work after a strike?
What fake charity did George make up?
What pet of the Busboy gets away because of George?
Jerry makes up what cause of peeing in the parking lot?
Kramer is afraid of what?
The letter from John Cheever started off ____?
What type of peach does Kramer and Newman like?
George likes what kind of chicken spicy
How much $ does Jerry with Loyd Braun to spend on gum?
Elain puts this hat on the catalogue cover
In 'The Dealership' what chocolate bar did George accuse the saleman of taking

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