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Who did Batista 'bodyguard' upon entering WWE?
John Cena's first nickname in WWE
Jerichos nickname for Kurt Angle
Goldbergs WCW debut opponent
Lesnars first WWE pinfall loss was to who?
Which tag team has had the most WM matches?
What was JBLs name upon entering WWE?
Which year has seen the most WWE Title changes?
Test, Trish and who made up the team T&A?
The only wrestler to leave WM with 3 different tag title partners?
The youngest wrestler to ever be a champ in WWE?
Who did Barry Horowitz beat for his 2nd WWE victory?
What was the first ever ECW ppv? (pre WWE)
Who was the last ECW champion? (pre WWE)
Vampiro, Raven, ICP made up what WCW stable?
Who ended Hogans first WCW title reign?
What stable was Jim Duggan in, in WCW?
Who held the WCW US, Crusierweight, Hardcore titles at the same time?
Who threw out the WCW TV title?
What was the name of Jarretts debut song in WWE ('94)
What was Norman Smileys WCW finisher?
Who lead the ECW stable 'The Network'?
Who was in both the Trush Commission and Oddities?
Which valet managed Curt Hennig in the AWA?
What was Kevin Nashs name when he debuted in WCW?
What was Loui Spicollis name in WWE?
Who ended Umagas winning streak?
Who beat Black Machismo in his first Invitational challenge match?
Who gave Macho King his septre as a gift?
Who wrestled Brian Pillman on the Inagural Nitro?
Who began the Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion?
Where in London England in SS 92 take place?
Where did Kerry Von Erich spend most of his wrestling career?
What name did Barry Windham use in WWE upon returning in 96?
What was the Sandmans name in WCW?
Who's nickname is 'The Human Highlight Reel'?
Spinning wheel kick with a chair is know as what?
What award did Rick Rude win in WWE?
Which wrestlers book is titled 'Moment of Truth'?
What tag team was 'Flyboy' Rocco Rock part of?
Who gave Christian the nickname 'Creepy Little Bastard'?
What ritual was the Brood know for?
What was Al Snows name in WWE under a ninja gimmick?
Who did Mike Awesome defeat at WWE's ECW One Night Stand?
Who stole Tatankas 'eagle feathers'?
Who stalked the Undertakers wife Sara in 2001?
Who ended Samoa Joes 18th month undefeated streak?
Who used the nickname 'Freakzilla'?
Who has won the most PWI match of the year awards?
What was Vic Grimes name in WWE?

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