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Who did Goldust wrestle on his WWE debut?
Who did Roddy Piper align himself with in WWE in 2003?
Who's nickname was: 'The Colossus of Boggo Road'
What was Droz'z nickname?
Who won the 1st ever World War 3 battle royal?
What was Essa Rios first name in WWE?
Who did Terry Funk beat for his only ECW title?
Who pulled a gun on a wrestler an episode of Raw in 1996?
Which ECW tag team had fans dance in the ring and it collapsed?
Who did Edge beat in the KOTR finals in 2001?
Who did Edge beat for his 1st IC title?
What stable did Eddie Guerrero lead in WCW?
What was Perry Saturns submission finisher?
Who's move is 'Best Moonsult Ever'
What did Billy Kidman first call his 'shooting star press' in WCW?
Who did Undertaker beat up to get Ric Flair to agree to their WM X8 match?
What was the name of WWEs inagural 'fans vote for matches' ppv?
Who won the U.S title (WWE) in their debut match?
What did the 'E' in ECW originally stand for?
Who competed in the first WWF 3 stages of hell match?
Who sang Tommy Dreamers ECW theme music?
What object was suspended in the Hall/Goldberg ladder match?
What did Russo's TNA stable 'SEX' stand for?
What was WWEs 1997 saturday night show called?
What was the subtitled of WWEs In Your House 10?
Which promotion had a 'Viagra on a pole match'?
Who's catchphrase was: 'You love me, You hate me, You'll never forget me!'?
What was Wraths finisher called?
Who fled to WCW while still ECW world champ?
Which ECW wrestlers catchphrase was 'Chickens'?
What was Johnny Swingers name in WWE?
Another name for a ladder match in ECW
Who won Nashs X division invitational at Bound for Glory 2006?
What is tatooed across CM Punks fingers?
What PPV did the tragic death of Owen Hart take place at?
How old was Davey Boy Smith for his pro debut?
What was Mengs finisher?
Who did Kurt Angle lose to in a hair vs. hair match?
What was Col. Parkers name in WWE?
Who took 11 chair shots to the head in an I quit match in WWE?
Who did Ken Shamrock fight in a 'Lions Den' match in WWE?
Who was the last ever AWA world champion?
Who was the first to be managed by Mr.Fuji in WWF?
What was RVDs name upon debut in WCW?
Brutus Beefcakes name in WCW 1998 as a part of the nWo
What PPV was Jim Duggans WWF ppv debut?
What was Terri Runnels name as Goldusts manager?
Goldbergs finishers name
PPV where Austin fought Vince in a cage
nWo's first official referee

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