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definition or exampleLiterary Term
the use of references to sensory perceptions to create mental pictures for the reader
Fiction in which the subject of the story is the act or art of storytelling of itself, especially when such material breaks up the illusion of 'reality' in a work.
to rhetorically use the part to represent the whole (e.g. '40 head of cattle' to mean 40 cows)
when the speaker addresses some abstraction or personification that is not physically present
Bergson's concept of time that addresses how it is felt and how it develops in consciousness rather than how it is clocked out
the philosophy of artistic meaning as a distinct mode of apprehending truth which is purely abstract
'declaring around'; circumlocution; the use of many words to express what could be said in fewer
Orwell's 'Animal Farm' is this type of narrative that uses its characters and setting as an extended metaphor
'diction' is the choice of words; this term refers to the ordering or arranging of words
a short, poet nickname (e.g. 'The Little Corporal' for Napoleon Bonaparte)
the critical explanation or interpretation of a text focusing closely on diction. The term applies to all texts but is often used for a religious text.
a sonnet composed of an octave which presents the theme followed by a sestet that develops it. The octave is often rhymed abbaabba.
a line or set of lines in a poem that repeat at regular intervals
a long narrative told in an elevated register that focuses on the exploits of a hero.
a song-like poem that focuses on the personal thoughts and feelings of the speaker
a poem that focuses on the simplicity and serenity of country life
a literary style that usually portrayed fantastic tales dealing with horror, despair, and the grotesque
definition or exampleLiterary Term
a poem made of a triplet with the following syllabic pattern: 5, 7, 5
a brief story illustrating human tendencies through animal characters, often who speak, to reveal general truths about human nature
a sentence structure that uses clauses with a precise degree of subordination and clear indication of the logical relationship between them, often through the use of conjunctions
3 consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme, typically in an AAA pattern, though sometimes ABA.
The intentional repetition of clauses. In poetry, these clauses are at the beginning of the line.
the literary term for a flashback
when a single character speak for an extended period of time. In prose form, this can happen internally.
a letter, or poem addressed to a person as if in a letter
this term describes the relationship between the words 'bear' and 'bare'
the subdivisions of a poem created by the grouping of lines
the literary term for a tragic flaw, especially when it pertains to a misperseption or lack of insight
a harmoniously groups set of words, as opposed to cacophony
the historical, cultural, or personal tinge or taint in meaning that a word carries beyond its strict dictionary definition
the rearrangement or inversion of expected syntax
a line of poetry with 6 feet
the sense of realism an reader gets from a narrative

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