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Common name/characteristicTaxonGrouping
Velvet WormsPhylum
Segmented, jointed appendagesPhylum
Completely extinct, many fossilsArthropod Subphylum
All have pincers as 1st of 6 appendagesArthropod Subphylum
All have trilobite larvaeChelicerata Class
Horseshoe CrabsChelicerata Subclass
Horseshoe crabChelicerata Species
Sea SpidersChelicerata Class
Forebody has chelicerae, pedipalps, and 4 appendagesChelicerata Class
True Spiders and TarantulasChelicerata Order
Have articulated cheliceraeChelicerata Suborder
Have unhinged cheliceraeChelicerata Suborder
PsuedoscorpionsChelicerata Order
ScorpionsChelicerata Order
Harvestmen, Daddy Long legsChelicerata Order
Whip ScorpionsChelicerata Order
Tail-less Whip ScorpionsChelicerata Order
Mites, Ticks, and ChiggersChelicerata Order
2 pairs of antennae, biramous appendagesArthropod Subphylum
'gill feet' Swim with 2nd antennaeCrustacea Class
Fairy/Brine Shrimp. no carapaceCrustacea Order
Daphnia and Water fleasCrustacea Suborder
Seed Shrimp, Mussel ShrimpCrustacea Class
Small planktonic crustacean groupCrustacea Class
Common name/characteristicTaxonGrouping
Long horizontal antennaeCrustacea Order
Long antennae run beside bodyCrustacea Order
Short antennae, long slender bodyCrustacea Order
Fish LiceCrustacea Class
BarnaclesCrustacea Class
Shrimp,crabs, lobsters, etcCrustacea Class
KrillCrustacea Order
Krill-like, carapace covering gillsCrustacea Order
'10 legs'Crustacea Order
Commercial Shrimp, 1st 3 appendages chelateCrustacea Infraorder
Small Shrimp, 1st and 2nd appendage chelateCrustacea Infraorder
Hermit, mole, and king crabs. 2nd antennae lateral to eyeCrustacea Infraorder
Lobster, crayfish, true crabs. 5th pair of legs not reduced, 2nd antennae between eyesCrustacea Infraorder
Live buried in sandCrustacea Order
Longer and thinner than #38.Crustacea Order
Dorso-ventrally compressed. Deep sea and terrestrialCrustacea Order
Beach Hoppers. Laterally CompressedCrustacea Order
Mantis ShrimpCrustacea Order
Uniramous appendages, Insects and -pedesArthropod subphylum
MillipedesUniramia Class
CentipedesUniramia Class
Largest Class of all organismsUniramia Class
Wingless InsectsInsecta Subclass
Silverfish, BristletailsInsecta Order
Common name/characteristicTaxonGrouping
Winged and 2ndarily wingless insectsInsecta Subclass
Hemimetabolous insectsInsecta Division
Dragonflies and DamelfliesInsecta Order
Crickets, Katydids, and GrasshoppersInsecta Order
RoachesInsecta Order
Praying MantisInsecta Order
True BugsInsecta Order
Aphids, Leaf Hoppers, CicadasInsecta Order
MayfliesInsecta Order
StonefliesInsecta Order
TermitesInsecta Order
EarwigsInsecta Order
Walking SticksInsecta Order
Sucking LiceInsecta Order
HolometabolousInsecta Division
Beetles, Most diverse order with 500,000 speciesInsecta Order
Butterflies and mothsInsecta Order
True flies, mosquitoes, gnats and midgesInsecta Order
Wasps, Bees, AntsInsecta Order
Parasitic Wasps (most specious family with 60,000 members)Insecta Family
CaddisfliesInsecta Order
Netwinged flies
Dobson flies, fish flies

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