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QuoteMissing Words(s)Context
On your knees, hands behind your head, and toss out that weapon! (BLANK).Lana is threatening Archer's girlfriend
I thought they just wanted my hair so their scientists could unlock the secret of its (BLANK). Touch it, Barry.Archer is asking Barry to touch his hair when Archer escapes from Soviet interrogation cell
So I can't stay for dinner. I assume that smell is (BLANK) and not just you two. Archer is escaping the Russian military police
I've broken into way tougher places, right? Well, not without my (BLANK)... Archer needs to retrieve the barer bonds he spent in the Casino in Monte Carlo
Why was he dressed as (BLANK)?Malory Archer is thinking about a past halloween with Archer
Shoot him (BLANK)! But just him. I think the twins are warming up to me.Archer has his hands pinned by the Asian twins.
One by one, the last surviving member of the (BLANK) are being... murdered. Woodhouse is explaining to Archer that he is in grave danger.
I know. A (BLANK) should shoot out every time you open it. Lana discovers that Archer has only brought beer on the mission
QuoteMissing Words(s)Context
Sometimes I think about adopting a little baby so I could (BLANK). Cheryl is answering Kreiger's question at the baby shower
Give her the rabbit, (BLANK)!Gillette orders Lana to return the baby to Trinette
Wait a minute. You liar, this isn't a condom wrapper! It's from a friggin' (BLANK).Trinette discovers that Archer likes to treat himself in bed
For (BLANK) so people can non-verbally indicate where stuff happened on their bodies. Pam tells the reason for the amount of dolls in the office.
And what? You think he wanted to (BLANK) you into loving him? Malory's reaction to Sterling's complaints about Nikolai Jakov
I can't be alone. That's when she strikes like a (BLANK).Archer complains to Lana how Anka makes sexual moves toward him
I'm from Germany, where the age of consent is (BLANK).Anka trying to ease Archer into having sex with her, but Archer doesn't buy it.

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