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USA: Settlement by the Lake (celtic)
USA: Ending of the Plum River
Germany: Bavarian Motor Factory
U.K.: Small (english)
Germany: Hear (german/latin)
Italy: Blacksmith
Germany: Famous Fighter (slavic)
USA: A nickname for a famous spearman (breton)
USA: Thessaly (slavic/greek)
S. Korea: Modernity
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USA: Goat Milk (french)
Japan: Fertile Rice Paddies (japanese)
USA: Shallow place in a river or stream
S. Korea: Rising out of Asia (sino-korean)
USA: Village of Bewick, Northern England
Sweden: I roll (latin)
Japan: Original Field (japanese)
Germany: People's Car (german)
USA: Small but strong Fighter (breton)
Italy: Italian automobile factory of Turin (italian)

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