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AbbreviationFull terminologyDescription
CAmalignant tumor
metsspreading growth
XRTtreatment with radioactivity
SLEchronic inflammatory disease
CFhereditary disorder of exocrine glands
LTBacute form called croup
OSApharyngeal collapse at night
PEcirculation blocker
VPSaka lung scan
PSGmany tests during sleep
PFTsgrouped to measure breathing
BUNincreased level means renal dysfunction
ESWLnon-invasive stone removal
HDwhen kidneys fail this steps in
IVP or IVUradiographic image of urinary tract
BPHwill cause urethra to narrow
SGtest on urine determine kidney ability
UAroutine urine tests
VCUGradiographic imaging of bladder + urethra
AbbreviationFull terminologyDescription
TUIPwidens urethra, no tissue removed (BHP)
TUMTeliminates excess tissue with heat (BHP)
TURPtissue removed, another response to BHP
DREchecks size of prostate
PSAhigh test levels indicate prostate CA or BHP
RPremoval of a certain male gland
FBDbenign cysts in breasts
PIDcan cause painful intercourse
HRTif low on estrogen you need this
SHGultrasound of uterus only
TSSstap aureus or strep pyogenes cause this
TVSultrasound with transducer in vagina
TVHremoves vagina and uterus
UAEcuts blood supply to fibroids
TAHremoves uterus via abd
BSOremoves fallopian tubes and ovaries
D&Copen cervix, scrape endometrium
EDDwhen are you due?
FASmother's drinking results in
LNMP/LMPimportant to assess fertility

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