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I see you traversing the roadways accompanied by the female for whom I have sensual feelings, then I proceed to exclaim “Bugger off.”Cee Lo Green
You find me aesthetically pleasing with the absence of beautification products. You consider me humorous in the event I err in the deliverance of the joke’s zenith. Katy Perry
Absence of color and the compliment of violet, Absence of color and the compliment of violet, Absence of color and the compliment of violet.Wiz Khalifa
I’m making pilgrimage to my residence; I’m making pilgrimage to my residence. Broadcast it globally, I’m making pilgrimage to my residence.Diddy - Dirty Money
Pardon my strength of character, alcohol of Russian origin with a club soda addition. Aggressive confidence assured, I dub my bowel movements PatriciaLil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz
Oblige me, for it’s not my intent to convey manner-less tendencies, notwithstanding I shall perform coitus with you.Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E
My domestic partner is villainous, my domestic partner hails from an inadequate living environment. My domestic partner performs acts that your domestic partner craves to perform.Ludacris & Nicki Minaj
I thrust my appendages skyward at times, uttering ayo, must release. I’m yearning to commemorate and walk the earth in this life. Uttering ayo, onward infant.Taio Cruz
The entirety of the luminosities. Luminosities for constables, battery-operated portable luminosities, beam emitting luminosities, intermittently flashing luminositiesKanye West
It is as if I have been anticipating my entire livelihood for this very eve. It shall be yourself and my humble authority and the floor for gyrations. Chris Brown
The capital of North Carolina is our desired location to gyrate, tauten your arm to port and release notes of monetary value from your prehensile.Troop 41

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