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'Over sideways and under on a ...'Aladdin
'Yes you want her, look at her you know you do possible...'The Little Mermaid
'Everybody I'm on my way, just can't wait...'Brother Bear
'My head is screaming get a grip girl unless you're...'Hercules
'For one so small you seem so strong my...'Tarzan
'Drip drip drop little april shower, beating a...'Bambi
'Everytime he plays, and with a square in the act he can...'Aristocats
'Look ther she goes that girl is so peculiar, I wonder if...'Beauty and the Beast
'Rubity, scrubity, sweepity, flow...'Sword in the Stone
'I know you the gleam in your eyes is so...'Sleeping Beauty
'The simple bear necessities, forget about your worries...'Jungle Book
'Can you feel the love tonight? The peace...'Lion King
'Mister blue birds on my shoulder...'Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
'And we call it belle notte, look at the skies they have stars..'Lady and the Tramp
'They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy...'Winnie the Pooh
'Pink elephants on parade...'Dumbo
'Maybe you've heard of that mythical place called the...'Hunchback of Notre Dame
'It's not easy to find someone who cares. It's not easy to find...'Pete's Dragon
LyricsNext 3 wordsMovie
'Those dreams do some true, I wouldn't have nothing if I...'Monster's Inc.
'And not because he passed some laws, or had the lofty brow, while bonny good...'Robin Hood
'With a shovel or a pick. In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! Where a...'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
'When you're fast asleep, in dreams you lose your...'Cinderella
'Just remember what your old pal said, boy, you got a...'Toy Story
'And if I had one wish come true, I'd surf 'til the sun sets...'Lilo and Stitch
'Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show who...'Mulan
'Cause this perfect world begins and ends with, What's his name?...'Emperor's New Groove
'Grab somebody come on down, bring your paintbrush we're painting the town, Oh there's some...'Princess and the Frog
'Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain, can you...'Pocahontas
'Why should I worry? Why should I care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savoire faire..'Oliver and Company
'Does he leave a little note to tell you, you are on his mind? Send you yellow flowers when the...'Enchanted
'But the thing that's a positive must, is a little bit of pixie dust, the dust is a positive must...'Peter Pan
'No evil thing will to see her is to take a sudden chill Cruella...'101 Dalmatians
'Life's a happy game, you could clown around forever, neither one of you sees...'Fox and the Hound
'We may only go round one time as far as I can tell, it's the time of your life so...'Bug's Life
'But then one day I learned a word that saved me aching nose. The biggest word I ever heard, and this is...'Mary Poppins

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