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favourite teen show?
favourite tarantino film?
Favourite actress
phobia of
film i can quote most of
favourite war film
famous (kind of) person i met in a petrol station?
broke collarbone, how?
Only had one 'real' fight, who with?
favourite film you bought me?
favourite sammuel l jackson film?
as a child, watched which drew barrymore film on repeat?
most quotable tv show?
favourite tv drama
Favourite comedy actress?
what does anna subconsciously do a lot?
guilty pleasure quiz show?
which sister bit themselves and blamed me?
what is my favourite colour?
what do i claim to have been in a former life?
what is the type of word game we like to play when bored?
what was my most hated class in year 13?
as a child, went to AnE thinking i had what stuck up my nose?
female rapper I was obsessed with for two years?
what favourite poet shares the name with an actor in the dark knight rises
What part of film and tv production to i enjoy most?
what year did i start dying my hair?
what colour are my eyes?
out of white, milk and dark, which is my favourite chocolate?
what is my favourite reality tv show?

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