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french: hottinguer, bellamy, hauteval
american: pickney, marshall, gerry
americans were offended that they had to pay a bribe before negotiations
established judicial courts of the US
US and Sweden vs Pirates of North Africa
when the supreme court first ruled a state law unconstitutional (first hinted that Native Americans didn't own their lands completely)
`maryland wanted to tax notes coming from out of state banks but court ruled that it targeted the 2nd band of the Us because it was out of state
q adams wins election cuz clay tells his voters to vote for q adams instead of jackson
bank lended money to ppl who couldn't pay it back
resolved border between us and british north american colonies (Maine-New Brunswick)
john o'sullivan coined the term
all escaped slaves can be returned to their master in free and slave states
plan was to open up farms and make a railroad but resulted in bleeding kansas
getting alaska
black friday- gould and fisk planned to corner the gold market
baltimore and ohio railroad cut wages (Martinsburg, West Virginia)
federal jobs are given based on merit and civil servants cannot make political contributions
1887 altgeld, oglesby 'May Day' someone threw dynamite at the police, 8 anarchists on trial
prohibits anticompetitive agreements and unilateral conduets that monoplize ot attempts to monopolize the relevant market
domestic progress with a goal to eliminate poverty and racial justice
persian gulf war
falwell: further conservative and religious agenda including allowing prayer in school and stricter abortion laws
reagan took advantage of a communist revolution and invaded 48 hours after a bombing in lebanon
trickle-down economics, tax cut for the rich, which would result in expanding businesses and more jobs
selling weapons to iran for them to sell to nicaragua
peace between israel:begin and egypt:el-Sadat 'Framework for peace in the Middle East'
Shah Pahlavi: attempted rescue with USS Nimlitz and USS Coral Sea:52 american diplomats and citizens were held for 444
omar torrijos and carter panama gets to have control of the panama canal
a step towards ending the cold war
ohio national guard opened fire on crowd gathered to protest the vietnam war
end US involvement in vietnam (term came from goodpaster)
burglars: Barker, Gonzalez, Martinez, McCord Jr., Sturgis
prohibits racial discrimination in voting
gave lbj the right to use a military in south east asia (opposed by morse and greening)
moscoso is architect of economic cooperation between US and Latin America (Gov. Marin of Puerto Rico)
a volunteer program to help other countries understand American culture and vice versa
failed invasion of cuba which led to kruschchev to place missiles on cuba
arkhipov was the one person who voted not to start ww3 also missle crisis
slogan used to support jfk
japanese internment
churchill, stalin, and fdr: move the german-polish line to the oder and neisse rivers, after the anglo-soviet invasion of iran
fdr, churchill, and stalin: shaping a post-war peace
retrieved 81 mill acres of land from cattle ranchers and railroad companies
fugitive slave law is added, no slavery in Washington DC, split new mexico territory into new mexico and utah, California is a free state
in response to attempts to build the nicaragua canal
Secy. of the Interior Albert Fall leased petroleum to private oil companies
'have you no sense of decency' welch tells mccarthy
tariff reduction and graduated income tax at 1%-6%
income tax
direct election of senators from the people
no beers for the bois on the weekend
women can vote
incoming vp and pres. can start on january 20 not march 4
Time to grab some beer with the boys on saturday
no president can serve for more than 3 terms
electoral college
no poll tax when voting
replacing a president in case of death
peeps over 18 can vote
right to vote for
ppl born in the US are citizens
slavery is banned nationwide
also procedures for replacing president
sovreign immunity
any power that is not given to the federal gov. is given to the state gov.
rights of people must not take out the rights of other people
no excessive bails and fines
trial by jury
right to a speedy trial
right to remain silent
prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures
no quartering
right to bear arms in a milita
freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to express religion
investigate 'unfair trade practice' in every industry except banking and transportation
strengthened sherman anti trust in breaking up monopolies and unions cannot be prosecuted as trusts
12 regional federal farm loan banks were established to provide farm loans at low interest rates
Wilson's motto for a moral approach to foreign affairs
germany promises that if mexico joins and germany wins the war, mexico gets all their land back
you can be jailed for speaking ill of the government in times of war and causing rebellion in the army
freedom of the seas, no more secret reaties, reduction of national armanents, 'impartial adjustment of all colonial claims'
chief of forest service, pinchot, called ballinger, secy. of the interior, for opening public lands to private companies
promoting us trade by supporting us companies in foreign companies
many women workers died in a fire that caused safety standards to be required in every building
theodore roosevelt invites both coal miners and the owners to negotiate terms of labor conditions
if latin american countries are in debt to countries abroad, US would occupy their ports until the debt was paid off
led to the square deal
Hawaii annexed: Queen Lili'oukalani
ended the russo-japanese war and japan later blamed america for not giving japan what they deserved
california will be less racist towards japanese americans if japan can limit immigration
mutual respect for each country's pacific possessions and open door policy
roosevelt wanted to show how big america's dick was by putting on a tour with a brand new steel navy
stronger countries exert political, economic, or militaristic power over smaller countries
secy. of state hay peng xiaping- china can trade w/ all countries on an equal basis
Uss Maine explodes, de lome letter, jingoism, 'the butcher' aka weyler, yellow journalism aka pulitzer and hearst
supereme court case over status of US territories (Phillipines) accquired in the spanish american war
7 conditions of withdrawal of US troops and 8th condition is for cuba to sigh a treaty agreeing to those 7 conditions
end of reconstruction, pulling troops out of the south
between Amalgamated Association and Carnegie Steel Company
John Brown leads a raid in West Virginia w/ an intention to arm african american slaves
a doc saying why US should purchase Cuba from Spain and Spain doesn't, the US will declare war
harriet tubman, levi coffin
proposed by clay-ppl vote for or against slavery
prohibit slavery in the territory gained from the mexican war
resolved mexican war
unsuccessful bill which led to the Independent Teasury
south carolina refused to pay tariffs and called it unconstitutional in 1832 and 1828
cherokee removal was caused by fold in Dahlonega Georgia and natie americans were forced from the southeast land
if tariff is not repealed, South Carolina would secede
tariff designed to protect industry in northern US and led to nullification in South Carolina
tariff designed to promote Murican industry, national bank to foster commerce, and federal subsidies for roads and canals to keep farms going
national unity and purpose
a country inspired by monroe
maine-free state, missouri- slave state 36o30' line
US gets florida
whether dartmouth (new hampshire) will be private or public institution
intended to motivate britian and france from stealing their ships
first major highway from potomac to ohio
discussed moving 3/5's law, federalists disgraced after Jackson then won the battle of New Orleans
to protect US goods from overseas competition
commerce clause
france was broke from the Haitian revolution so they sold land for 15 million
when thomas jefferson defeats john adams
meant to stop british impressment of american sailors by british
capt. james barron of USS Chesapeake surrendered to HMS Leopard
adams scheduled appointments up to midnight to fill up circuit judges
restriction of freedom of speech and being mean to aliens
to become an american citizen you have to live in the USA for 14 years instead of 5
says that the alien and sedition acts are unconstitutional
treat of mortefontaine - settle the Quasi War
8% import on foreign goods
declaration of sentiments lucretia motts and elizabeth cady stanton
britian and usa should not go to war and britian and US can trade during the French Revolution
defined borders between US and spanish florida and US can navigate the mississippi river
press is diabolical, don't meddle in european crap
us is neutral between france and britian
gen. john neville fortifies his home from militia men, washington sends peace commissioners
french ambassador to the us seeks asylum after a WiLd RiDe in the US because the Jacobins had just taken over the government
guy was accused of violating the tennessee's butler act which made it unlawful to teach about human evolution
yo europe, don't meddle in North or South America
senator jones and representative walker, no mo' alcohol
distributing posters about resisting the draft is not protected by the first amendment
diplomatic agreement between Qing dynasty and john tyler
arizona and new mexico
high tariffs
churchill, fdr, and chiang kai-shek: US will still have troops in Japan until they surrender
clement atlee, churchill, stalin, and truman: how to deal with germany after they surrendered

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