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'Can you fly?'City of...
'Cordelia wears bras. Oo! She has girl parts!'Lonely Hearts
'Prancing away like a magnificent poof!'In the Dark
'Maybe I'm a little attracted.'I Fall to Pieces
'You broke it!'Rm w/a Vu
'See I have this...gun, and I don't want to come off as insensitive, but if either of you tries to stop me I'm gonna have to blow you the crap away, because I got to go find my DadSense and Sensitivity
'Just don't tell Cordelia. She'll wanna charge you.'Bachelor Party
'It was rude. We should go kill it.'I Will Remember You
'Well, if it's a fight they want--can't someone else give it the them?'Hero
'What's a rogue demon?'Parting Gifts
'You'd be locked up faster than Lady Hamilton's virtue!'Somnabulist
'I don’t think I ever realized just how disgusting that was. Get her back to bed.'Expecting
'Maybe you could crush the beans with your vampire strength? Just mush the bag. Mush it.'She
“That blade is very old. Who knows what kind of corrosive effect your cooking may have on it!”I've Got You Under My Skin
“Well, I guess I can forget about reading him his rights.” The Prodigal
'I will not give you a single red cent. What I will do, Sir, is beat it out of you if I have to.'The Ring
'Well, if he's homicidal, I'm thinking, YEAH!'Etermity
'Gosh. That one wasn't a blank.'Five by Five
'Oh - and I'm thinking - sugar high? Maybe not a great idea.'Sanctuary
''I'm the boss here, I say when we use the cell phones and people are gonna die and - I have to go.' War Zone
'Ow! Did you just step on my foot? Was that my foot you just stepped on?!'Blind Date
'Uh, oops! I may have made a tiny mistake.'To Shanshu in LA
'At first I was afraid; I was petrified.'Judgement
'Angel, you don't find me--especially paranoid, do you?'Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?
'They told me you was ugly, but damn!'First Impressions
'He's a vampire, you know.'Untouched
'That's why I rarely go to church.'Dear Boy
'See? What?! That's the plan? Walkin' real quick was the plan?'Guise Will Be Guise
'How about, we cruise around with the top down, and you take big whiffs?!'Darla
'I'm quite good with the ladies myself, you know.'The Shroud of Rahmon
'Yeah, you seem all calm and homey. - Are you on drugs?'The Trial
'Did I do something to displease you?'Reunion
'Hey, alright? Hey, hey, hey, you're gonna cut me down, right? You're not just gonna leave me hanging here, man? Hey! Hey! I'm spinning here, man. - Freaking vampires.' Redefinition
'Three fifths of the world covered in water, the rest covered in me!' Blood Money
'Mister 'Get-to-the-Point-y Pants!'Happy Anniversary
'Is this morphine? Well, it's bloody lovely!'Thin Dead Line
'Welcome to the home office.'Reprise
'Well, yay you, Zuzu's petals! It's about time.'Epiphany
'I don't wanna stay alone here with the ghost.'Dishamony
'You got no business..! What-why aren't you trying to kill me?!'Dead End
'Yeah, Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel.'Belonging
'I think we're winning!'Over the Rainbow
'And with me being dead and you not being real I can hardly be expected to have some big conversation with you at the moment, because it's just a little too much pressure, alright?Through the Looking Glass
'There's no place like...Willow?'There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
'And look how it brings out my breasts!'Heartthrob
'Has - has anyone ever told you you're exactly like Lassie? Yeah. You're like Angel's Lassie.'That Vision Thing
'You know, ask yourself this: if I'd killed Merl would I've - brought donuts?'That Old Gang of Mine
'I gotta pee.'Carpe Noctem
'Well, I knew about the tacos.'Fredless
'No, ass-wipe. I'm here to send you back.'Billy
'You wanna feel it kick?'Offspring
'If you don't tell me right now, I'm gonna have your skin peeled off and stapled back on, inside-out.'Quickening
'It's a thing with the door and the stairs and the world and the thing. Never mind!'Lullaby
'What are we talking about? Some kind of Mr. Miyagi groove thing? Wax on, wax off.'Dad
'Can we not talk about my underwear, please?'Birthday
'Snow. Trees. Chipmunk robots on ice...'Provider
'You know, I was cool before I met y'all.'Waiting in the Wings
'Angel, your coat is singing.'Couplet
'They're itty-bitty hockey sticks!'Loyalty
'Texas doesn't hate the black man. Texas loves the black man!'Sleep Tight
'You know, not speaking would be a really good look for you.'Forgiving
'Don't go dissin' my girl.'Double or Nothing
'Oh, my, god. We have a pool?'The Price
'Yes. We must always consider Angel. Angel is our leader. We must obey his wishes.'A New World
'And you're the bastard son of two demons.'Benediction
'Oh, you wish to have sex?!'Tomorrow
'He said make sure... Wait. You don't - think he was referring to anything of mine that's fluffy, do you? Because that would just be inappropriate.'Deep Down
'It's fun for a girl or a boy.'Ground State
'I got two cherries. If I get another one, I get my quarter back.'The House Always Wins
'Because the greatest love of all is happening to me. I've found the greatest love of all inside of me. The greatest love of all is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself -'Slouching Toward Bethlehem
'Exactly. 'Cause, you know, strings need - to compactify.'Supersymmetry
'There's conspiracies and stuff. Y'all don't even know!'Spin the Bottle
'No, no, that certainly doesn't sound normal for a boy his age. Look, we'll send someone out as soon as we can. Just, um - just don't poke it.'Apocalypse, Nowish
'It’s the 800-pound gorilla. It can do whatever the hell it wants.'Habeas Corpses
'Excuse me, not that I don’t still bear a grudge against you, because I do...'Long Day's Journey
'Wood. Why did it have to be wood?'Awakening
'Oh, for the love of Mike Tyson!'Soulless
'How did you survive this long being so retarded?'Calvary
'There’s a signed dollar bill in your wallet I think proves different.'Salvage
'Gee, I wonder what color you'll be when I'm done?'Release
'Come on, everybody loves fetal pigs!'Orpheus
'The green, cart-like vehicle eats...I am not a bucket head.'Players
'Wait! Did I say Bu-shundi? I meant Ru-shundi. It’s a whole different…Crap.'Inside Out
'Are you still evilish? ’Cause I’m confused.'Shiny Happy People
'And tonight the role of Judas Iscariot will be played by Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok Clan.'The Magic Bullet
'I tear your guts all inside out. I stitch your guts every all over. Why don't you go dead?'Sacrifice
'So tell me and I'll crush your windpipe.'Peace Out
'Team Angel, all growed up.'Home
'There's this machine, six feet tall, it makes this noise--Whoompa! Whoompa! Plth!...Not a clue.'Conviction
'But I guess a leopard can't change it's stripes.'Just Rewards
'So, what, you're like a Frankenstein?'Unleashed
'Permanent storage. If there's anything Wolfram & Hart excels at, it's keeping their unmentionables unmentioned.'Hell Bound
'Welsey, I am totally drunk-face.'Life of the Party
'Yes, the geriatric community will be soiling their nappies when they hear you're on the case. Bravo.'The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
'Well, I'm not really comfortable with hugging.'Lineage
'Look what I made. It's called Willy.'Destiny
'Get fit while you sit!'Harm's Way
'I mean, honestly, what kind of retard wears heels like that in a dark alley?'Soul Purpose
'You're like Gandalf the White, resurrected from the pit of the Balrog, more beautiful than ever.'Damage
'Sweetie, your epidermis is showing.'You're Welcome
'Well, ahoy matey, you can just swab my deck.'Why We Fight
'Angel, you're...cute! ... Oh! But the little hands!'Smile Time
'I'm talkin' about bones that go crunch.'A Hole in the World
'I would stare at you for hours, locked in my room. My mom thought I was looking at porn.'Shells
'And one world with nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly.'Underneath
'Open Sesame. Or whatever.'Origin
'Oh, god! Don't go in there! That's where he keeps his full-strength crazy.'Time Bomb
'How do you say 'wank off' in Italian?'The Girl in Question
'You boys look like you could use a hug.'Power Play
'Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon.'Not Fade Away
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