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'I always was a sucker for a redhead.'
'They call me Mimi.'
'Save! Goalie, goalie, goalie...'
'This isn't Taco Bell! Oh, man...'
'It's like 'rat' and patutey'--'ratpatutey!''
'Come on, I'm like, totally adorable.'
'Let's get jinky with it.'
'If you can find a greasier sandwich, you're in Mexico!'
'Metaphorically speaking...'
'Llama face!'
'The only good thing you did for the gals was get hit by that train!'
'You are the boy from the market. Why did you lie to me?'
'Rabbit is good, Rabbit is wise.'
'She's a Nazi.' 'She talks in her sleep.'
'I call them todaysies.'

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