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Forced Order
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Ascetic bishop in Alexandria (Egypt) from Libya o known mainly through writings of his opponents o center of controversy related to teaching on the nature of Christ
Ordered destruction of all Christian worship centers. surrender of books and cessation of worship
burns Rome, blames the Christians; has some burned or crucified, possibly including apostles Peter & Paul yet this episode was fairly short, limited mostly to the city of
No creature can save another creature – Jesus cannot be a created being (God alone can save) Bible pictures Jesus as Savior – he must be God! – BIBLE & REASON
Became Christian in 130 after conversation with old man introduced him to Old Testament prophets Sought to reconcile faith and reason (Greek philosophy and Christianity).
Two major beliefs: The Unity of the Catholic Church 1. Schism “totally and absolutely unjustified” – to do this is to risk losing salvation 2. A lapsed or schismatic b
Should traitors be allowed in the church? AND Is the act of ministry tainted by the impurity of the minister
Nervous about Logos taking on flesh. Flesh would contaminate Logos – would compromise Jesus’ sinlessness. Logos REPLACED the human mind and soul of Jesus
Strong defense of the sufficiency of scripture as source of Truth – critiqued use of secular sources
Elevates tradition as defense against non-Christian interpretations
Raised issue about how the human and divine natures were related .Stressed the union of the two natures
First real systematic theologian “Augustine’s. contribution was to achieve a synthesis of Christian thought” apologetic defense of Christianity as cause of Rome’s fall
Jesus was fully human! – “if Jesus did not possess a human mind, humanity is not redeemed”
Strong emphasis on total free will & ability of humans to live according to God’s will
Refused to believe that Mary gave birth to God. Jesus BECAME God. He wasn’t born God
incarnation the human soul of Jesus unites with the Word and thus communicates God’s mind & will o Full divinity of the Father and lesser divinity of the Son
We live by grace alone as sin is so deeply embedded in our natures that the choices we make will always turn us away from God. Even our faith is a gift from God.
Proposed alternative: Mary as anthropotokos “bearer of humanity” or Christotokos “bearer of Christ” . RESULT: JESUS IS A KIND OF BIZARRE HUMANOID – A SCHIZOPHRENIC GOD-MA
said Felix of Aptunga (traiditore) has corrupted the church!! His baptisms are invalid!! The church itself is tainted by him!! o The Church CANNOT allow “traitors” to serve
Son is created being. Son is a “metaphor” suggesting a higher rank, but no real union with God [not the same essence!] Status of Son is consequence of God’s decision, not any
Human beings can choose to do good or choose to do bad; rewards and punishments are based on those choices – purity is possible. We are capable
defeated Maxentius and was proclaimed emperor o Changed the situation of Christianity in the Roman Empire o Gradually Christianized Rome, became more than just legitimate; it was o
Insisted that subjects offer sacrifices to Roman gods & emperor – had to sign certificates indicating sacrifices to gods

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