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Can you name the environmental organization based on its logo??

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1.The 3rd largest non-profit in the Americas
2.Named in honor of a French-American ornithologist
3.Proposed by president Richard Nixon
4.Co-established Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
5.Founded by John Muir
6.Made up of 32 countries
7.Lead by author Bill McKibben
8.Dedicated to the protection of the largest estuary in the United States
9.Publishes a 'Red List' of threatened species
10.Has more than 5 millions supporters worldwide
11.Extends outreach in to economic aspects of sustainability, rather than just conservationism.
12.An advocate for sustainable tourism and volunteer research
13.Agency within the US Department of the Interior
14.Focuses on litter and waste reduction, reuse, and recycling
15.Has the motto, 'Environmentalism with teeth'
16.Established Integrated Coastal Management sites in several Asian countries
17.Often works with the Sierra Club on their environmental efforts
18.An organization that lobbies congress to promote conservation and sustainability
19.Publishes an annual 'Dirty Dozen' list of the foods with the highest pesticide residue
20.Founded by members of the Earth First! organization in 1982

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