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Costocentral articulation
The flattened portion of a rib between the head and the tuberosity.
A groove immediately posterior to the scalene tubercle on the upper surface of the first rib
The knob on the posterior surface of a rib, at the junction of its neck and shaft
A small projection that runs along the medial border of the first rib between two grooves
A groove just anterior to the scalene tubercle
Angle of rib
Shaft of a rib
An oval facet on the inferomedial part
Muscle attachment, a rough oval area, found near the middle of the outer surface and lower border of the second rib
Constitute a series of gliding or arthrodial joints
Lodging the intercostal vessels and nerve.
Muscle attachment on 1. rib
Muscle attachment on 2-8
Single articular surface
Shallow costal groove
No costal groove
Lacks angle

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