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Can you name the Muscles of the head, face and neck

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Elevation and retraction of mandible
Elevation (closing of the mouth) and protraction of mandible
Elevates and wrinkles skin of chin, protrudes lower lip
Opens the jaw when the masseter and the temporalis are relaxed
Rotates to side opposite of contracion; laterally flexes to the contracted side; bilaterally flexes the neck
Elevate the hyoid during swallowing
Ipsilateral rotation of head and extension
Extends the head at the neck (is considered to be a sensory organ)
Rotation of head and neck
Bilaterally extends the head and laterally flexes to the contracted side
Laterally: Flex the head and neck to the same side. Bilaterally: Extend the vertebral column
Head extension and assists sidebending and rotation
Extend, rotate and laterally flex the head
Rotation, retraction, elevation and depression of scapula
Closes eyelids
Draws angle of mouth upward and laterally
Elevates upper lip
'Kissing muscle'
Compresses the cheek(s)
Pulls the head of the condyle out of the mandibular fossa along the articular eminence to protrude the mandible
Elevation of the mandible, minor contribution to protrusion of the mandible, assistance in mastication and excursion of the mandible

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