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Can you name the things from the hunger games?

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HintAnswernote; no capitol letters
Katniss ________
What is the name of Prim's cat?
How many tributes died on the first day of the 74th Hunger Games?
What is Finick Odiar's main weapon of choice?
What is district 8's main production?
What was the name of the male tribute from District 11 in the 74th Hunger Games?
Who was Beete's female tribute partner in the 75th Hunger Games?
What district is Johana Mason from?
HintAnswernote; no capitol letters
Who is the president of district 13?
What is the name of Gale's youngest sibbling?
How old was Katniss when her father died?
Katniss Everdeen is referred to as the girl on ____
In mockingjay, Annie Cresta was pregnant with a ____
What was the name of the red-headed male avox Katniss knew from district 12?
In mockingjay Peeta was ________ by the Capitol, using trackerjacker venom

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