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General LocationBoneHint
Your Foreheadbone that Phineus Gage had a metal rod go through
Side of your upper skullthe coronal suture separates the frontal and this bone
under your earsupports our temple
around the knuckle of your headprotects the lobe in our brain that controls eyesight
your mouthMine got hit by a field hockey ball
your throatU shaped bone superior to the Larynx
superior to your sternumalso known as your collarbone
inferior to your claviclelateral to your sternum
Medial in your chest inferior to your Hyoid bone
Medial in your chestprotect vital organs such as your heart
superior to thoracic vertebraevery first vertebrae
inferior to thoracic vertebraevery last vertebrae
General LocationBoneHint
Medial to Cervical and Lumbar VertebraeMiddle vertebrae
Bone that is proximal to your shouldernot funny if you hit it
Paralell to your radiusa long bone
Paralell to your Ulnaspecifically designed to take a hit
In your handBones that connect to phalanges
finger tipsBones that allow you to pick up a pencil
Inferior to your Lumbar Vertebraeyou sit on it
superior to your femurthose two bones that stick out in front by your hips
your thighone of the hardest bones to break in your body
inferior to your femurallows you to do squats
lateral to your tibiathe little bone in your shin region
by the dorsum of footwhere a ped egg is used

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