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Great fire of London

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What day of the week did the fire start?
Which center of trade was burned down?
What area of London was know for producing medical equipment?
What was the name of the plague in London that ended in 1665?
What is the name of the tool used to groom a horse?
What is the title of the London official who decided at 3am om the day of the Great Fire decides that, upon inspection, decided not to raise the alarm?
Name the architect that designed the structure built to commemorate the Great Fire of London?
What kind of roofing had been banned in London as a result of a previous fire in 1212?
What is the name of the object used to store materials used for lighting a fire?
Which nation was rumored to be invading Britain during the Great Fire?
How many people are estimated to be left homeless as a result of the Great Fire?
How many churches were rebuilt after the Great Fire?
On which road did the Great Fire of London start?
What do you burn in a fuming pot?
Other than volunteers, who did the work putting out the fire?
What was the name of the Kings brother?
What were Bill Hooks used for in the Great Fire?
How many days did the fire rage for?
What did the peaks on the Fire Fighters protect: shoulders or face?
In what year was the rebuilding of St Paul officially completed?
Name the cathedral that burned down in the Great Fire.
What is the modern day equivalent of a virginal?
Who took control of putting out the Great Fire?
In which year did the Great Fire of London occur?
Which writes with the initials SP wrote extensively about the fire?
What financial industry was born as a result of the Great Fire?
Which writer with the initials JE wrote extensively about the FIRE
What is the name of the object that goes over your shoe to protect them from the filth on the streets?
Which way does the wind normally blow in London?
What is the maximum number of people estimated to have died in the Great Plague of London?
What is the name of the structure built to commemorate the Great Fire?
Who were the British at war with in 1666?
What drastic method did people use to stop the fire spreading?
What kind of shop did the Great Fire start in?
What was the name of the only bridge in London that crossed the Themes? at the time of the Great Fire?

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