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Can you name the name the Lana Del Rey music video from the description?

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Lana's then boyfriend, Barrie James O'Neill was a part of this video. It appears to be homemade.
This music video was a part of a campaign for H&M. Lana is shown singing to a crowd.
Lana is filmed walking around in a white dress with a veil on.
Lana is shown singing into a microphone in a large red room.
Lana is with many men in this video, in motels and riding motorcycles with them.
Lana is shown seated in a chateau throne with two tigers. She kisses a man in a car, and the video ends with her embracing him in front of an American flag.
Father John Misty is featured in this video, where he appears as a sort of 'cult leader.' At the end of the video, a song on the piano is played and people are shown swimming.
This video is mostly L.A. based, and Lana is filmed swimming and then dancing around with an older man.
Homemade music video which almost immediately brought Lana huge success. It includes many vintage clips.
Lana is tired of the paparazzi constantly taking photos of her, so she gets a gun and shoots down a helicopter filled with them.
Lana is filmed doing her makeup. It was leaked by a fan.
Lana swims with a man and some alligators.
A$AP Rocky plays JFK in this music video, while Lana plays both Marilyn Monroe and his JFK's wife, Jackie Kennedy. They are shown partying in many scenes.
Lana is shown in a lawn chair while a record is playing. The video also includes swimming girls and boys playing basketball.
Lana is shown playing around in the ocean and the beach, and then riding in a car with an older man.
Jaime King plays Lana's best friend in this video, where it is assumed that they both commit suicide.

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