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Never give purple flowersPurple is associated with death and funerals.
Slurping your food is the best way to compliment your hostSlurping food implies you can't wait to eat it.
Inuits burp to say the food was goodBurping also means thank you.
When clinking glasses for a toast, always look the other person directly in the eyesYou are acknowledging their presence.
When in a snackbar, sweep all of your left over food and garbage onto the floorThis is expected, they sweep everything up at the end of the day.
In the countryside, you announce your presence by standing in the front yard clapping your handsMost houses in rural communities don't have doorbells.
Pregnant women rarely attend funeralsIt is considered bad luck for the baby.
It is polite to finish everything on your plateIt shows how much you enjoyed the food
Meals are generally shared between members of the same sex
A man will wait for a woman to extend her hand first when meeting
When eating a whole baked fish, you never flip it overIt represents capsizing the fisherman's boat.
Wine should be poured with the right hand.
Always cut potatoes with a fork, especially in restaurants.The rough cut soaks up the delicious gravy better.
Photographing military/police is strictly forbidden
In the countryside, guests will be served a plate of food and then left alone to eat it.
When scooping food with your hands, use the first two fingers of your right hand
Food is served in a communal bowl - only eat from the portion directly in front of youIt is rood to reach across the bowl
Smiling at someone you don't know is rudeIt means you think they are stupid
If a man peels a banana for a woman it means he is romantically interested in her
People don't wear anything with animals on itAnimals are considered a low form of life
Pushing your palm out at someone means 'eat s***'
Tapping the middle of your forehead means you think someone is crazy
Refusing to buy a round of drinks when it's your turn is very rude
Slapping your open palm over a closed fist is a vulgar gesture
The thumbs up sign is the equivalent of giving someone the finger

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