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energy questionsanswer answer
Promotes Energy Waste
Solar, flowing water, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydrogen
Absorbes and stores heat from the sun directly within a structure
Two types of solar heating
absorbes enery from the sun by pumping heat-absorbing fluid through special collectors
Can collect and transform radiant energy from te sun into heat
Human-controlled mirros
Sunlight is collected and focused on arrays of oil-filled pipes running through the middle of curved solar collectors
energy questionsanswer answer
Focus and concentrate sunlight and cook food
Directly converts solar energy into electrical energy
Type of solar cells that can be manufactured in high volumes at a very low cost
Indirect form of renewable solar energy
High dam is built across a large river to create a reservoir. Produces energy.
Flows of air
Consists of plant materials and animal wastes that can be burned directly as a solid fuel or converted into gaseous biofules

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