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InformationAnswerPages 279-284
Occurs when natural or human-induced processes decrease the future ability of land to support crops, livestock, or wild species
Flowing water and wind
loss of soild fertility and eroded soil ends up as sediment in nearby surface water
classified as renewable resource because natural processes regenerate it
has reduced food production on about 16% of worlds cropland
causes damages of at least $375 billion per year
points out that much of the eroded topsoil does not go far and is deposited further down a slope
established a strategy for reduction soild erosion in the U.S.
InformationAnswerPages 279-284
authorizes the governments to forgive all or part of farmers debts to the Farmers Home Administration if they agree not to farm highly erodible cropland or wetlands for 50 years
during this, large areas of cropland were stripped of topsoil and severly eroded
went before congressional hearing in 1934 to plead for new programs to protect countries topsoil
established the Soil Conservation Service as part of teh USDA
the productive potential of arid or semiarid land falls by 10% or more because of combination of natural climate change
accumilation of salts
farmers often apply large amounts of irrigation water to leach salts deeper in soil

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