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'don't call it a spade if it isn't a spade'
'You know I'm in love with the city but the green is turning brown and i just look pathetic now'
'I know your lungs need filling, since your gums have lost their feeling'
'But you're losing your turn. I guess i'll never learn'
'I don't wanna be your friend. I wanna kiss your neck'
'We've got one thing in common, its this tongue of mine'
'If you're alone in your room, what's that boy doing?'
'I'm broken and bleeding, and begging for help'
'We were smoking by 11 and knocking around town'
'Why don't you talk to Matty about it?'
'Worrying about my brother finding out'
'I can't believe that we're talking about him'
'Am i too old to be this stoned'
'Not a lot of noise and too much racket'
'I've got a feeling that the marijuana's rotting your brain'
'It won't mend your heart if it's only a couple of lines'
'I’m not half as bad as what You’ve been told'
'It's likely in a Sainsbury's Flirting with the girls and waiting for me'
'I'm sorry but I'd rather be getting high than watching my family die'
'My heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anything'

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